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Join Shondaland!!

My Grey's icons are seriously old! I need to sort that out. Anyway, you should join Shondaland, a community dedicated to all Shonda Rhimes' shows. (And if you're going to join, you should definitely join team_tequilashots because we're the best!) Click on the banner below to go to the application post: 
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TVRealm Big Bang: Part 1 (The Graphics)

I have 10,000 words left to write of my hetbigbang story, which is due in less than two weeks. So what did I sepnd this weekend doing? Making graphics for the tvrealm big bang which is due in....November. I'm actually proud of the graphics though, which is a first for me :)

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Private Practice Picspam

For the tvrealm Top 50 Challenge - this is the Top 50 Private Practice Screencaps (minus most of Season 2 because I couldn't find the caps online). Notice that most of the men appear to have mysteriously vanished, sorry but the Private Practice ladies are just too pretty - they demand my full attention!